Timo Wirén

Remedy Entertainment (2013-present)

I worked on Quantum Break's Xbox One and PC renderer backend, porting it from DX11 to DX12 and implementing PC renderer and Bink video player. I also developed shaders, UI and build pipeline code for Agents of Storm iOS game built using Unity. I also worked as a graphics programmer for an unannounced iOS title. I worked as a graphics programmer for CrossFire HD Story Mode. I did graphics programming for Control, including PS4 support and DX12 optimization. Currently working in Northlight engine graphics team, doing various graphics code, including for Xbox One and PS4.

Mountain Sheep (2011-2013)

I converted the rendering engine from OpenGL ES 1.1 to 2.0 and worked on engine architecture and shaders. I helped keep the codebase clean and stable and assumed the main responsibility for the regular use of code analysis tools. I also worked on an in-house level editor.

Oceanhorn (Cornfox & Bros, iOS, 2013)

While not part of the development team, I worked on the engine, optimized renderer, shadows etc.

Minigore (iOS, 2009)/Minigore 2: Zombies (iOS, 2012)

My main responsibility was to rewrite the entire save game system and replace the old one with a considerably more robust solution. Additionally, I did a variety of graphics and UI programming. I helped the game support a larger variety of iOS devices by implementing ways to optimize its memory usage towards the end of production.

Death Rally (iOS, 2011)

My main responsibility was to find graphics performance bottlenecks and solve them to enable smoother visuals on older devices. Additionally, I implemented visual effects such as animated clouds and anti-aliasing.

Bike Baron (iOS, 2011)

My main responsibility was to implement dynamic shadows. I also made the game smoother by writing a more efficient object culling system. Additionally, I did UI programming.

Death Rally (PC/Steam, 2012)

My main responsibility was to refactor the renderer to allow for custom shaders and to write shaders to make the visuals look as good as our target platform allowed. Additionally, I worked on enabling the players to report errors to the developers.


Cyberjack (iOS, 2012, C++, OpenGL ES 2.0), shooter/puzzler. Gameplay video.

Knight's Leap (iOS, 2011, Objective-C), a chess puzzle.