Timo Wirén

Distortion Effect (2017, WebGL2, ES6)

WebGL distortion effect

MiniFPS (60 MiB, Windows) (2015, Unity. Source (170 MiB))

screenshot of MiniFPS

Flappy Clone (2014, C#/OpenTK)

screenshot of Flappy Clone

Breakout (2014, D language)

screenshot of Breakout

MatchFree, a simple match-3 game (2014, C#/OpenTK)

screenshot of MatchFree

Path Tracer (2013, C++/SDL)

screenshot of Path Tracer

Raytraced 4k intro (2008, C/SDL) (YouTube)

screenshot of a raytraced 4 kb intro

Half-Life 2 Ep. 2 Map (2012)

screenshot of a Half-Life 2 map
This is my first HL2 single-player map. Playtime is about 7 minutes. Download .bsp or .vmf.