Aether3D Game Engine
Matrix44 Member List

This is the complete list of members for Matrix44, including all inherited members.

InitFrom(const float *data)Matrix44
InverseTranspose(const float m[16], float *out)Matrix44static
Invert(const Matrix44 &matrix, Matrix44 &out)Matrix44static
MakeLookAt(const Vec3 &eye, const Vec3 &center, const Vec3 &up)Matrix44
MakeProjection(float fovDegrees, float aspect, float nearDepth, float farDepth)Matrix44
MakeProjection(float left, float right, float bottom, float top, float nearDepth, float farDepth)Matrix44
MakeRotationXYZ(float xDeg, float yDeg, float zDeg)Matrix44
Matrix44(float xDeg, float yDeg, float zDeg)Matrix44inline
Matrix44(const Matrix44 &other)Matrix44
Matrix44(const float *data)Matrix44
Multiply(const Matrix44 &a, const Matrix44 &b, Matrix44 &out)Matrix44static
operator=(const Matrix44 &other)Matrix44inline
Print() const Matrix44
Scale(float x, float y, float z)Matrix44
TransformDirection(const Vec3 &dir, const Matrix44 &mat, Vec3 *out)Matrix44static
TransformPoint(const Vec4 &vec, const Matrix44 &mat, Vec4 *out)Matrix44static
TransformPoint(const Vec3 &vec, const Matrix44 &mat, Vec3 *out)Matrix44static
Translate(const Vec3 &v)Matrix44
Transpose(Matrix44 &out) const Matrix44