Aether3D Game Engine
Renderer Member List

This is the complete list of members for Renderer, including all inherited members.

AddShaderSearchPath(const char *path) const =0Rendererpure virtual
BeginQuery()=0Rendererpure virtual
ClearScreen() const =0Rendererpure virtual
Deinit()=0Rendererpure virtual
Draw(const Texture *texture, int x, int y, const Vec4 &color)=0Rendererpure virtual
Draw(const Texture *texture, int x, int y, int width, int height, const Vec4 &color)=0Rendererpure virtual
Draw(const char *text, const char *fontName, float scale, int x, int y, const Vec4 &color)=0Rendererpure virtual
Draw(Scene *scene)=0Rendererpure virtual
DrawLines(const Vec3 *lineArray, int arraySize, const Vec4 &color)=0Rendererpure virtual
DrawStatistics()=0Rendererpure virtual
EndQuery()=0Rendererpure virtual
FinishFrame()=0Rendererpure virtual
GetTime() const =0Rendererpure virtual
HasFocus() const =0Rendererpure virtual
Height() const =0Rendererpure virtual
LoadFont(const char *fontName, const char *fontBitmapPath, const char *fontMetadataPath)=0Rendererpure virtual
OpenWindow(int width, int height, bool fullScreen, int antialiasSamples, bool hasWindowAndContext)=0Rendererpure virtual
Resize(int width, int height)=0Rendererpure virtual
SetBloom(bool enable, float factor, int blurIterations)=0Rendererpure virtual
SetClearColor(float red, float green, float blue)=0Rendererpure virtual
SetSSAO(bool enable, float radius, float power)=0Rendererpure virtual
SetWindowTitle(const char *title) const =0Rendererpure virtual
SwapBuffers()=0Rendererpure virtual
Width() const =0Rendererpure virtual
~Renderer() (defined in Renderer)Rendererinlinevirtual