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Model Class Referenceabstract

Contains meshes loaded from Aether3D's own .ae3d file format. More...

#include <Model.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void GetAABB (Vec3 &outMin, Vec3 &outMax) const =0
virtual std::vector< std::string > GetMeshNames () const =0
virtual std::vector< std::string > GetMeshJointNames (const std::string &meshName) const =0
virtual const std::string & GetPath () const =0
virtual void ApplyAnimation (int firstKeyFrame, int lastKeyFrame)=0
virtual MaterialGetMeshMaterial (const char *meshName)=0
virtual void SetMaterialForMesh (Material *material, const std::string &meshName)=0
virtual void SetMaterialForMeshSubstring (Material *material, const std::string &meshNameSubstring)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from SceneGraphNode
 SceneGraphNode ()
virtual ~SceneGraphNode ()
virtual bool AddChild (SceneGraphNode *child)
virtual bool ContainsChild (const SceneGraphNode *node) const
virtual void FindFirstChildWithName (const char *name, SceneGraphNode **outNode)
virtual void SetLayerMask (unsigned mask)
virtual void SetName (const std::string &newName)
virtual void SetPosition (const Vec3 &aPosition)
virtual void SetRotation (const Quaternion &aRotation)
virtual Quaternion GetRotation () const
virtual void SetScale (float aScale)
virtual float GetScale () const
virtual void SolveMatrices ()
virtual SceneGraphNodeParent ()
virtual std::string GetName () const
virtual Type GetType () const
virtual unsigned GetLayerMask () const
virtual std::list< SceneGraphNode * > & Children ()
virtual Vec3 GetPosition () const
virtual SceneGraphNodeRoot ()
void CleanDirties ()
bool IsDirty () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from SceneGraphNode
enum  Type { None, Model, Camera, Light }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SceneGraphNode
static void RegisterScene (Scene *scene)
static void UnregisterScene ()
- Public Attributes inherited from SceneGraphNode
std::list< SceneGraphNode * > children
Matrix44 modelMatrix
- Protected Attributes inherited from SceneGraphNode
Type type
float scale
Vec3 position
Quaternion rotation
std::string name
bool dirtyTransform = true
unsigned layerMask = 0xFFFFFFFF

Detailed Description

Contains meshes loaded from Aether3D's own .ae3d file format.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Model::ApplyAnimation ( int  firstKeyFrame,
int  lastKeyFrame 
pure virtual

Applies skeletal or blendshape animation for all meshes. Use parameters 0, 0 to apply the whole animation.

firstKeyFrameFirst key frame of the animation that is applied.
lastKeyFrameLast key frame of the animation that is applied.
virtual void Model::GetAABB ( Vec3 outMin,
Vec3 outMax 
) const
pure virtual
outMinMinimum corner of AABB in world-space.
outMaxMaximum corner of AABB in world-space.
virtual std::vector< std::string > Model::GetMeshJointNames ( const std::string &  meshName) const
pure virtual

Gets joint names for a Mesh.

meshNameMesh name.
Array of joint names for meshName. If mesh or joints not found, returns an empty array.
virtual Material* Model::GetMeshMaterial ( const char *  meshName)
pure virtual

Gets Mesh's material.

meshNameMesh's name.
Material or null if mesh or material is invalid.
virtual std::vector< std::string > Model::GetMeshNames ( ) const
pure virtual
Mesh names.
virtual void Model::SetMaterialForMesh ( Material material,
const std::string &  meshName 
pure virtual

Sets a material for a mesh. If mesh is not found, does nothing.

meshNameMesh's name (case-sensitive).
virtual void Model::SetMaterialForMeshSubstring ( Material material,
const std::string &  meshNameSubstring 
pure virtual

Sets a material for meshes whose name contain meshNameSubstring. If meshes are not found, does nothing.

meshNameSubstringPart of mesh's name (case-sensitive).

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