Aether3D Game Engine
Material Member List

This is the complete list of members for Material, including all inherited members.

LoadFromFile(const char *path)=0Materialpure virtual
Name() const =0Materialpure virtual
Opaque() const =0Materialpure virtual
SetFloat(const std::string &name, float value)=0Materialpure virtual
SetMatrix(const std::string &name, const Matrix44 &matrix)=0Materialpure virtual
SetName(const char *name)=0Materialpure virtual
SetOpaque(bool opaque)=0Materialpure virtual
SetShaders(const std::string &vertexShaderPath, const std::string &fragmentShaderPath, const std::string &geometryShaderPath, const std::string &defines)=0Materialpure virtual
SetTexture(const std::string &name, const Texture *texture)=0Materialpure virtual
SetVector(const std::string &name, const Vec3 &value)=0Materialpure virtual
SetVector(const std::string &name, const Vec4 &value)=0Materialpure virtual
~Material() (defined in Material)Materialinlinevirtual