Aether3D Game Engine
Aether3D Game Engine Documentation


Aether3D is an open source game engine focusing on simplicity, robustness, portability and forward-thinking.
In most cases it's built as a DLL and dynamically loaded into an application allowing to switch renderers easily.



You'll need Visual Studio 2013. Build one of the renderers in Renderers folder and then build and run one of the samples.


You'll need at least OS X Mountain Lion. Make sure you have SDL2.framework in /Library/Frameworks
Build Renderers/GL32/Aether3D_GL_3.2.xcodeproj and build and run one of the Samples/.
You can also build on the command-line using Makefiles located in renderer and sample folders.


Locate the _iOS Xcode projects in Samples folder hierarchy and run them.


You'll need GCC 4.8 or newer or clang.
Required packages: libudev-dev, libsdl2-dev, libopenal-dev, libgl1-mesa-dev
Navigate to Renderers/GL32 and run make. Then navigate into one of the samples and run make.

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